Happy World NGO Day 2021

World NGO Day 2021
World NGO Day 2021

First of all, as we all aware that, what NGO stands for? I.e. Non-Government Organisation or also referred to as a non-profit organisation.

World NGO Day is observed/celebrated every year on 27th February.

This aims to inspire the public to come up more actively connected within NGOs sectors and growth of interdependent among NGOs & public.

The worldwide concept of this day is observed, memorialise & collaborate every NGOs all around the globe and the public involved in it which all have a great contribution to our society.

Marcis Liors Skadmanis established the February 27th World Non-Government Organisation Day. On 17th April 2010, it was known officially by the Baltic Sea NGO Forum of the Baltic sea States.

The first celebration of this day was in 2014, 27th February at Helsinki (capital of Finland) and Finland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs was the host of it.

Many organisations and worldwide famous personnel,( UNESCO, UN & European Union) leaders were gathered there.

· To list out yearly achievements & contributions of NGOs which they had done for the sake of society.

· To provide knowledge about the NGOs and it’s importance, how it works selflessly for the betterment of our society, country or the whole world.

· To inspire people through their various events, rallies or through many effective contributions in every field.

· To promote every NGOs of our globe & to establish or maintain a better relationship among them. So that togetherly it will be very easy to solve any problem.

On this day organisations organise many special events to celebrate it. They provide many social welfare services on this occasion.

Persons who are not involved in any NGOs also celebrate and participate in the community works which organised for the celebration purpose.

On this day, the great role of Persons in NGOs commemorated and honoured. Also, reward distribution takes place to honour the spectacular selfless service of a person in this field.

Now in this 2021, we are celebrating 8th World NGO Day. Let us all celebrate this day acquiring some more knowledge about World NGO Day and try to provide every support to them who are working hard selflessly for the sake of our society.

The domain INFORMATIC NISHANT was developed during the lockdown of April 2020. It was driven by a passion to create awareness among the people about each day.

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