Today, defensive flora and fauna have to be one of the whole essential responsibilities of humanity. Due to the fact, animals and plant life are the central part of a much broader herbal surrounding that gives meals, haven, and water for different flora and fauna, and humans.

Let’s talk about…

Before knowing the details, let’s know what does the word ’education’ define? The word education came from the Latin word ‘educare’ (means to bring up) and the word ‘ educere’ means to bring forth.

So, to educate means ‘to extract’ out or to bring forth. Overall, we can say that…

World NGO Day 2021

First of all, as we all aware that, what NGO stands for? I.e. Non-Government Organisation or also referred to as a non-profit organisation.

World NGO Day is observed/celebrated every year on 27th February.

This aims to inspire the public to come up more actively connected within NGOs sectors and growth…

The national awareness day is observed on 23rd December every year in our country. Mainly it is celebrated to the aware public to make them known about the importance of farmers.

They help in developing nation socially and economically through their effective contributions. …

It is a worldwide day celebrated each year around the world on 16 October in the honor of the date of the establishing of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945.

The day is celebrated widely with different associations who are worried about food security, including…

Informatic Nishant

The domain INFORMATIC NISHANT was developed during the lockdown of April 2020. It was driven by a passion to create awareness among the people about each day.

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